Educational Information

American Cancer Society
A comprehensive website not directed specifically toward breast cancer, but includes many valuable resources for breast cancer.

American College of Surgeons: National Accreditation for Breast Cancer Programs
While you may choose to use a medical center or physician that has been recommended to you, there is also an accreditation for medical facilities that choose to participate. If you would like to see what is required to be accredited, visit this site. The lack of participation in this program by a specific medical site or provider, however, does not rule out excellence in care. If you seek an accredited breast cancer surgeon or breast cancer center, this site is helpful in locating one.

The American Psychosocial Oncology Society
Offers a toll-free helpline at 1-866-276-7443 to assist you in a confidential referral for counseling services.
Nonprofit organization website that is reviewed by 60 experts in the medical field of breast cancer. It is a comprehensive website providing evidence-based information on every aspect of breast cancer and its treatment. It is updated frequently.

Mayo Clinic
Comprehensive information regarding breast cancer and its treatment.
Lillie Shockney, breast cancer survivor, RN and administrative director of Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center walks you through a questionnaire to assist you in asking the right questions at your doctors’ appointments based upon your pathology report.

National Cancer Institute
As branch of the National Institute for Health, the National Cancer Institute provides a 52-page booklet entitled “What you need to know about breast cancer.” It is downloadable to a Kindle, e-reader, or PDF file. It can also be e-mailed, or you can request a copy be mailed. It can be easily and quickly read to provide an overview of the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen Foundation
This link provides national resources for financial assistance and information regarding insurance coverage including medical and disability.

Breast Cancer Treatment Handbook: Understanding The Disease, Treatments, Emotions, and Recovery From Breast Cancer Published in 2009: 7th edition by Judy C. Kneece, RN, OCN.
This book takes a holistic approach to the woman the breast cancer journey. It discusses the emotional impact on the woman, partner, and family; the types of cancer, current surgical and reconstructive treatments, current radiation and chemotherapy treatments, complementary alternative medicine, prosthetics, insurance, and assistive pull-out worksheets that will assist women on their journey through planning and communicating with their health care providers.

A little bit about the author: Judy is an certified oncology nurse with a specialty in breast cancer, a Breast Health Navigator, and a national consultant on breast cancer education.

This book is available
New or used:

Special note: If you are receiving breast cancer care through Methodist Breast Health Center or OSF Saint Francis Women’s Services, you may receive this book as part of your care in cooperation with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Peoria Memorial.

IVBrCa Connection: Please feel free to download our brochure for the IVBrCa Connection to share it with your family or physician. (PDF file attachment)

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